Re: APCC Pro model details #APCC

Ross Salinger <rgsalinger@...>

On this subject, for an observatory mounted Mach2 how often must I generate a new model? I would expect to have to do this whenever I changed OTA's but is the model sensitive to temperature, humidity, or things like precession?


On 5/30/2022 1:06 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
Hi Steve,

I'm late to this discussion and am in the process of finalizing a transfer from the roll off roof to my 12' dome. I've
polar aligned using my PoleMaster but can't say I'm overly confident as I haven't used it before. So if I run a model
will this verify the alignment accuracy? If so how many points should be used?
15 points per pier-side, 30 total, should be enough.


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