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Dean Jacobsen

On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 03:41 AM, Chris White wrote:
Shouldn't matter. The absolute encoders always know where the mount is. 
I agree.  I'll wait to hear from more knowledgeable persons but I have never unparked my Mach2 from any park position like I used to do with may AP900.  I just set up the mount and initialize it in whatever position it happens to be in.

My setup routine is:
1. initialize the mount with APCC to one of my pre-set locations. 
2. Do an initial alignment with the RAPAS. 
3. Do another alignment with SharpCap. 
4. Connect to TheSky and use TheSky to slew to a bright star. The star is always on the chip and pretty close to center.
5. Center the star with the crossharis in my image capture program and perform a Star Sync with TheSky.

That's it.  A lot simpler that with my AP900 because the mount already has a good idea of where it is pointing.  I just have to refine things a little after the polar alignment.

When I am done with the mount, I just turn it off.  With the AP900 on multi night trips I would park the 900 in Park3 so the mount would know where it is on the next night.  I don't have to do that with the Mach2.  I just turn it off.  I can loosen the clutches and re-balance when the mount is powered down and the Mach2 is dead-on when I start it back up.
Dean Jacobsen
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