Barnard 62 & 63 Plus a Bunch of LDN Objects

Dean Jacobsen

This is the first Milky Way shot for me this year and a chance to check off some more dark nebula on my to-do list.

This image is centered on Barnard 63 and includes Barnard 62 as well as a good number of dark nebula from Beverly Lynds' Dark Nebula catalog:

Although my imaging location is relatively far south here in Southern California, at -20 degrees this field is pretty far down in the weeds so to speak.  None of the small field stars in the subs were sharp.  The seeing was pretty bad.

Imaged with the Mach2

- 73 x 180 seconds, unguided
- FSQ-106 @ f/5 with the ASI2600MC
Dean Jacobsen
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