Re: Mach 2 basic operation


I am using NINA and the Mach2. The mount is transparent - once set up it is not there. 

I have the pole master camera attached to the mount. After a decent polar alignment I switch to NINA. I use the NINA sky catalog to look for my target and use the NINA "slew and center". The slew will not be perfect (I have no model), but with plate solving it takes 2 or 3 slews to have the telescope point perfectly to the target. Then I do a NINA PA at the position I am at! I then slew to the traget again and switch back to APCC to start the Model Builder. I can see the current position of the telescope in the graphical interface when I build the model, so with just some clicks I have selected a couple of points on my targets course through the sky. It takes approximately 10 minutes to build a small model. Afterwards it is just imaging and letting the mount and APCC Pro do their thing. This small model is perfect for mobile use because it gives you excellent tracking in a short setup time. 

Here is a link to the online APCC manual that explains the model:  APCC Pro DEC Arc tracking.

With NINA you can even automate the model building process and control APCC through NINA: astro-physics tools for NINA. 

APCC supports horizons and as NINA uses the same file format, they share the horizon file. 

Clear skies,

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