Re: Mach 2 basic operation


I will need to give PA in NINA a try.. I’m fairly new to NINA… I’ve been using SGPro for the past year and Maxim before that.  

(But yeah, with the polemaster, no need to disconnect the other cameras… I agree that would be ridiculously painfula.)


On May 23, 2022, at 8:13 PM, midmoastro <teche70@...> wrote:

Jeff may be correct about Polemaster and Sharpcap and I dont want to detract from that, but what I found when using Sharpcap is I did not like to connect my camera to that app, then disconnect if I am going back to NINA for imaging. I found NINA/TPPA to be a replacement for SharpCap PA and now I dont have to switch my camera back and forth with different apps. TPPA has worked well for me so far and its very quick. If you are using NINA for imaging, I would at least give it a try first.

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