Re: Mach 2 basic operation


If you are mainly imaging… and portable…. I suggest getting a polemaster for polar alignment, and use it with SharpCap.

The pole master + sharp cap does polar alignment in about 5 minutes with some simple tweaking the alt and az on the mount.
Alternatively a guide scope can be used with sharpcap… but on the mach2 I didn’t bother with the guidescope.   I’ve not compared this approach to the (iirc) NINA three star approach.

The other alternative for polar alignment is the RAPAS, which I use with other mounts when doing visual.
(I do some outreach work at the local observatory).

I do have a keypad, but never use it when imaging… I do use it for visual tho.

There’s a couple options to creating the sky model when “portable”:
- I’ve done a 52 point model which takes about 30 minutes to run.. and is appropriate for portable operation.
- NINA has a plugin (the author is on this list), which will do a “Dec Arc” model and (I think) is more precise, but only covers the portion of the sky you are imaging for a specific object (RA / Dec)

Anyhow.. the mach2 is great.  Initially I didn’t use APCC/APPM and stuck with my “old workflow”… but then when I spent the time to learn APCC/APPM and realized it is a big plus.   

One of my configurations is a 12” Meade ACF with a Lumicon GEG / Reducer for about 1500mm focal length, and a fairly heavy camera + focuser… I think I might be at about the weight limit cuz there isn’t much room for more counterweights.   This setup seems to work just fine.   


On May 23, 2022, at 4:44 PM, Andrew Burwell via <andrew_burwell@...> wrote:

This was me. I honestly didn't consider asking here as I don't have the mount yet. But it's very nice to know that the workflow is essentially the same. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the documentation available. And maybe the complexity I'm seeing is just the initial software setup, though I'm not sure as I don't have it yet. I'm still very much looking forward to getting my hands on one and trying it out.

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