Re: Mach 2 basic operation


I also use Stellarium to command the mount when slewing to objects and it couldn't be easier.  Provided you are properly polar aligned, simply return the mount to its home position and slew to your object.  I image with SGP and use PHD2 as a supplement for guiding.  I have not yet built a model APCC.  My workflow is as follows:

1. Polar align
2. Calibrate the mount in PHD2 (couldn't be easier).
3. Run my imaging sequence within SGP.

The mach2 gets you so close to the framing I programmed into SGP on the first try that it rarely has to plate solve more than once.

If I could figure it out, anyone could.  I hear building a model is just as easy - I just haven't tried that yet.

On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 5:39 PM Andrew Burwell via <> wrote:
Thanks for all the comments. This mount sounds like it works exactly the same way as the 10M mount. 

I did not order the hand control, so I assume everything the hand control does can be run through APCC? Is there a virtual hand control  window available?

I usually use Nina and Stellarium, though I’ll sometimes do research for an object through sky safari. I also own Voyager but have not ever imaged with it.


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