Re: Mach 2 basic operation


I agree, and although I may not have replied to this specific post, I have replied to others about how easy it is to set up my Mach2 to start imaging. I have used a model before but for my quick nights, its setup and balance, polar align, point to object and plate solve. I'm off and running. I am imaging under 800mm fl but I can easily get five minute exposures and have taken 10 minute. I have not tested anything longer than 10.

In the beginning I saw a few comments about the 1100 being easier to break down and transport and they talked about passing on the Mach2 notification. I am glad I did not heed that advice. The Mach2 is easy to setup and the weight doesn't bother me any more than the separate pieces of the 1100. It saves me a trip for the second piece. Now, I love my 1100 too, but its just too convenient to set up the Mach2 and I don't have to guide.  Easy decision for me. Excellent investment!

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