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Daniel Borcard

Well Marj, now that's totally, absolutely unfair.

Over the laset 30+ years I have owned more than a dozen scopes. I still have eight, and among them is THE scope I have always said that, if I had to keep only one, it would be this.
A 1992 vintage Astro-Physics Traveler 105 mm f6  EDT purchased new at the time.

And now you come up with this announcement. How on earth will I be able to explain to my Traveler that, well, a younger and more up-to-date member of the AP family may show up and, you know, it is just about in the same range, and how could I justify owning two scopes in the very same category, and so on...

I am extremely unhappy. And eagerly waiting for the signup announcement.


At last, our exciting news:


The Quest:  Design the largest, fast, highly-corrected, airline transportable refractor that can cover a full-format CMOS chip with pinpoint stars to the corners when coupled to its matched Telecompressor-Corrector and provide superb visual performance.


The Solution: 110mm StarFire GTX with its optional Telecompressor-Corrector ready for your next astronomical adventure near or far. Perfect for the 2024 eclipse and a quick and easy scope for any night or day you have a few hours available to observe. 


Check out our new webpage with preliminary details that will be updated as final tweaks are made to the mechanical design.


In order to give everyone an equal chance to obtain this versatile scope, we plan to use the same random-drawing format that we used for the 92mm StowawayAfter we establish the price and have more details regarding the case, Telecompressor-Corrector, and other accessories, we will announce the signup for the random drawing. During the week-long signup period, you will have an opportunity to enter and submit your contact information. From this group of interested people, we will randomly choose those who will be notified of the opportunity to purchase a 110mm StarFire GTX.


If you are interested, watch for announcements on the Availability tab of 110mm webpage, in this forum, on our Facebook page and our newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter so that you don’t have to be vigilant about watching the website or forum, you can sign up in the black banner at the bottom of our website.


Clear Skies,

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