Re: Error message with nina and appm

Michael Freeberg

I just installed the 2.0 beta version, and the server enabled button is now present.  However, when I enable I now get the following error.  I will have to think on this one awhile.  I appreciate all the suggestions.


On May 23, 2022, at 1:52 PM, Brian Valente <bvalente@...> wrote:

I'm using 2.0 beta so that may be something to consider upgrading to if you can't sort that out

On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 11:49 AM Michael Freeberg <mdfreeb@...> wrote:
Here is what my General screen looks like.
 I just loaded version 1.10 HF3 this morning.  They must have changed something.


<Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 1.47.43 PM.png>

On May 23, 2022, at 1:37 PM, Brian Valente <bvalente@...> wrote:


On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 11:33 AM Michael Freeberg <mdfreeb@...> wrote:
I have looked under the general tab but I can not find as anywhere to enable the server. I may be blind and it is right in front of me....I will look again

Thanks, Mike

On Mon, May 23, 2022, 1:24 PM Wenhan Chang <sjtu.wenhan@...> wrote:
Hi Michael,

You need to enable server in NINA. In NINA, it is under Options - General. This will turn on API servicea and allow APPM to use NINA camera.




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