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Ray Gralak


You should check that you have the latest QHY ASCOM driver. It's odd that the image is taller than it is wide. Is that what you see as well?

As for the star shapes, it could be drift or optics. What is the image scale? Which telescope are you using?


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HI Ray, I have attached a image and it seems to show the stars. Not sure why they are oval ???. The software
seems to platesolve but when the view image screen pops up I don’t see the image.!Alc02VkpqUfVaDqsUC39NGvl-jY?e=NOwybE


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Hi Mike,

I have been working on building a model with my Mach2 and when the view image screen pops up , it is blank,
however the program is plate solving ok. I am using a qhy163 under ascom. Do I have something set wrong.

APPM's ASCOM window should automatically scale the FITS image appropriately for viewing, so you are not
missing a setting. If you have an image that is blank please zip the image and post it here. You can use APCC’s
Log zipper utility to locate images.

If you do not have an image, then on your next opportunity, enable APPM to save all images like this:

Then when you do another APPM run the images will be saved.


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