Re: CP3 power connector (12V)

Mike Dodd

On 5/23/2022 2:37 AM, drgert1 via wrote:
Hello All,
Does anybody have a source for replacing the power connector / socket at the GTO CP3 12V panel?
...maybe some nice soul out there knows the Digikey part number of the 12V connector where I can order them at $2.99 a piece for 5 of them.
I found this on Digi-Key: <>

Search for "DC power connector" then check out the "barrel" type connectors. Look at the thumbnails on the list, click one that looks promising, then download the datasheet from the details page, and compare with what's on the CP3.

It's a fairly standard connector, so maybe the link above is what you need. If not, I'm confident you'll eventually find it.

--- Mike

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