CP3 power connector (12V)


Hello All,

Does anybody have a source for replacing the power connector / socket at the GTO CP3 12V panel?

Doing the well known screw driver 'Bend the pin' trick only works so many times and my concern is growing that material fatigue in the in might break it some time. Long story short I want to replace it (either now, or have a proper replacement pat as a spare for when the time comes)

I assume the proper answer here is to call AP for the part, and yes I could/should/(will probably) do that. And they will probably say that for sure they can ship some spares at $29 a piece post postage. That of course is a very possible way to proceed. But maybe some nice soul out there knows the Digikey part number of the 12V connector where I can order them at $2.99 a piece for 5 of them.

Any recommendations are welcome.

Thanks & Clear Skies,

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