Re: The Quest and the Solution – New Product Announcement

Mike Dodd

On 5/20/2022 9:52 PM, Moshen Chan wrote:
My only wish is some built in way to adjust tilt on the scope, either at the lens cell or focuser to allow us to dial out any remaining mechanical tilt in the scope due to tolerance stacking.
Have you considered 3D-printing a tapered washer to fit between your camera and ocuser? The attached photo shows one I drew in 15 minutes of fiddling around, so it's easy to create. This one is greatly exaggerated for illustration, but the principle is the same -- tapering from near-zero to whatever thickness you want. I added a little handle to make it easy to rotate to find the best orientation.

You could make several of these of incrementing thickness. and choose the one that corrects the best. Not as convenient as adjustment screws, but it ought to work.

--- Mike

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