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Roland,  Thanks so much for the insights and thanks so much for producing  your "vision" scope, 
 I'm so glad you had your goals in mind when you set off on this project it sounds delightful
Tom Fischer, indy 

On Fri, May 20, 2022, 21:29 Roland Christen via <> wrote:
helloo Astronuts,

Well, you have by now seen the 110 product page, and I have a few thoughts I want to pass along.

For the past 2 years I have been keenly aware of trends in this hobby, and have been listening to you active users as to what you want in a scope. So I have spent an inordinate amount of time working out the best optical system that would fulfill a lot of the most desirable things that everyone has requested. I'm leaving out Newts because it's not my specialty.

You want:
1)  sharp stars with essentially perfect color correction:   Apo Triplet Refractors, Mak-Newts, Mak-Cass
2)  High power visual instrument with highest contrast and Strehl:   Refractors, Mak-Newts, Mak-Cass with very small obstruction
3)  capable of imaging wide fields as well as the above:   Whoops, that leaves only Refractors and Maks with large obstruction
4)  High power high contrast visual + wide field imaging capability.   That leaves only Refractors.

I know that lots of people would like to have a high performance visual scope that has refractor-like contrast and a Mak-Newt fills the bill. But there is no way you can also use it for wide field imaging. As soon as you make the secondary size big enough to cover any modern imaging chip, there goes the visual contrast. Only the refractor can fulfill all uses at once. With today's newest glass compounds we can make a fast refractor that performs for just about any purpose, even for high power visual. So that's how I settled on this particular design. It's a Stowaway on Steroids.


P.S. I still love Mak-Newts and I think they are about as perfect an optical system that exists for visual only.*
And a nice size Mak-Cass for imaging only. But ne'er the twin shall meet to produce both results at the same time.

*ask me why

Roland Christen

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