Re: AP1100 autoguiding

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.


If you asking me for images, I do have an astrobin page.  I usually don't post here because I don't think I am good enough and my stowaway just arrived in January, so I don't have much to show on it right now except maybe a good image of NGC663.  I have an astrobin page and the link is shown below.   As you will see, I am an amateur for sure.   My comment on my fun use of the 12" GSO is not coming from any expert or even semi expert point of view.   I am not trying to sell anything and just noting my personal experience with that scope.  The scope is matched with a Moravian 16200 that I purchased years ago and really enjoy.  The Camera takes forever to download but the CCD chips are easier to deal with and makes the imaging more fun and less complicated. The combo is kind of easy to deal with.  Three scopes in tandum are loaded on one of your 1600s.

The field looks okay to me, and I am sured that with your expert eye you will be able to further scrutinize it.   Your 27TVPH reducer helps a lot.   My CMOS experience is that CMOS small pixel cameras are not easy to master.   They show the imperfections so much that my Tak E130D with a 183 took forever to become acceptable and processing is tricky.  Your Stowaway is beautiful and currently matched with an old 1600 chip.   Such a beautiful field even with a poor old 1600.   FIrst few shots werer flawless.  Such a fine instrument.   

I am not denying the fact that the much more expensive RCs are worth it.   I am saything that I get enjoyment out of the RC and the price allowed me to purchase it when I did.   I simply could not afford something better.   Since them I have accumlated quite a bit of your stuff.   Still working on the accumulation.   Anyways, here is the link.  I am not sure how to filter, because I have several setups on the page.  I think the recent core of the rosette is a reasonable example of the capabilities.   Let me know what you think good or bad.  Especially the bad.   I am allways looking to improve.

One final thought.  I see that you are always indicating that you can''t compete with the mass production scopes, but I really see it very different.   There is no compitition.  People find your firm and scopes as they refine their tastes and mature in the appreciation of fine craftsmanship, honerable work ethic, love for the work, the experience and all those attributes bring to the purchaser/collectors astronomy pursuits.   I think there are many who would not hesitate to pay whatever you see fair to get all that wrapped into a piece of art.  Personally, after I get my 130 GTX, I would suggest a longer fl instrument to replace my RC :).

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