Re: AP1100 autoguiding

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

I am very critical of much of the Chinese manufactured astro-photography goods, especially the ZWO cameras.   

However, I have to say that my 12" Truss GSO RC is my favorite poor man's telescope.  I had to extend the baffle to eliminate some stray light.   I have an APH-H chip on it and it really rocks.   I use a SI focuser and an AP27TVPH to get it down to about F6.7 or so and I really enjoy that scope.   I also have a Tak collimation scope and can get that thing very well collimated very quickly and it holds collimation in my observatory forever.   I have taken it completely apart to replace the fans and put it back together again and with about 30 to 45 minutes of collimation time, am back in business.  I am going to guess that my mirrors are pretty good at least to my untrained eye.   Pixel peepers may find faults with the field, but I am very happy with it.

I have my real money saved up for AP stuff, and the RC will be the last item to be replaced for a high end unit one day.  However for now and the past six years I do consider my GSO 12" RC with the baffle mod and a SI focuser as the best value scope I own.  I would purchase one again without hesitation.

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