Re: Mount will not power on or boot up

Roland Christen

There is no internal fuse. The internal board may have come loose and pulled out of its socket. This can happen if the CP4 was dropped upside down.

Remove the top white cover by removing 4 screws (be careful to not pull out the antenna wire from the PC board). You will see the upper board that has the microprocessor on it. Push down on it to seat it fully in its connector. There are 2 standoffs that the board snaps into. Make sure it sits fully on those standoffs. Plug the 12 volt power into the CP4 and check to see if the LED lights. If it does, you should be able to communicate with the keypad. Replace the cover if everything checks out.

Call the office tomorrow if this does not work. You can request a return authorization and we can fix it pretty quickly and get you back in business.

Roland Christen

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1100GTO will not power on.  Main battery shows 12.76V and backup battery shows 12.5V.  Keypad simply says "Astro-Physics Ver: 4.19.3" and will not proceed beyond that point.  Reads drawing 0 amps and LED light on GTOCP4 is not lit.   No change with Regulated Power supply.  Is there an internal fuse or a reset procedure?  

Roland Christen

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