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Thank you.  I am looking at trying out APCC Horizons to see if that will help out with better lunar tracking.


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The Lunar rate is an average rate in RA only. You would need a custom rate for both axes to follow the Moon precisely.




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Tonight, I was using a 16" RC at f/6.4 with a full frame sensor to watch the eclipse.  I also had a 91mm scope riding parallel to provide a wider FOV.  In the 16", I could see about 95% of the lunar disk.  But I constantly had to move the scope in the North direction as the Moon kept dropping down in the FOV.  The mount is permanently mounted in my observatory and polar aligned.  I verified this with my PoleMaster the other night.  I know the Moon's motion varies from day to day, but I would have assumed that the lunar rate would take that into account.  Do I have to guide on a small lunar crater to keep the Moon centered in the FOV?

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