Re: Very oval stars with excellent guiding - how?

Roland Christen

A depression from a thumbscrew has nothing to do with the two parts sitting flat with each other. No need to rotate the QTCC.


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Eric’s experience and as Mike pointed out, the way the Quad-TCC attaches to the focuser will be an issue over time. The way most AP accessories attach to there large focusers via a dovetail mount with the three point thumbscrews has a brass compression ring between the thumbscrew and the dovetail that prevents damage, and if you use the 3.5 Rotating Focuser End cap (S35RFAA) to attach the Quad-TCC, it’s thumbscrews make direct contact with the Quad-TCC and over time will make a depression. This may or may not be an issue, but it could over time cause the two parts to not sit flat to each other and the Quad-TCC will need to be rotated a bit to have new contact points.    


Roland Christen

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