Re: New 400GTO Owner Question

Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky


Allow me to put my foot in my mouth.. <g>

Remember there are 100's (1000's?) of HAPPY GTO owners out there. Like ANY
other subject on the net, and in real life, the people who are "happy" have
no reason to write anything and unfortunately, usually don't. The people who
are not happy, have _every_reason_ to write and hopefully resolve the
problem. So... how many people wrote theirs is not right? Five? Ten? Twenty?
Dunno. And by how much if it off? I'd be surprise if most don't have the
object in the FOV of a .75 degree FOV eyepiece. OTOH imagers need it on the
CCD chip. That's a higher degree of precision.

If AP's mounts were flawed, you'd not see hundreds (thousands?) of people
lining up to get one. After all, a Losmandy G11 is only a six month waiting
period. Why not get one of those instead?

Since I have never used or seen a Vixen GP with a SS2K I really don't know
about 'higher' precision. But having used a 130EDT f/8 on my 400GTO there is
no jitter or stability problems. And it's WAY bigger than your TV101. <g>

Take a good look at whose imaging these days and what mount is being used.
You'll see an awful lot of AP mounts (and a few Tak, Mountain Instruments,
and G11s for sure). Imagers are very picky people. Their equipment is a lot
less forgiving then our eyes.

BTW: I was only on the 400 waiting list for 4 months. Another 4 months and I
had the mount. My 'guess' is, as the lightweight mount, it's less in demand
than the 900GTO I lust after. <g>

All JMO.

Clear skies,

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