ReCal Procedure in APCC

M Hambrick

I have been re-reading the APCC manual and came across a statement that has me wondering if I am doing ReCals correctly. I have a portable setup, and although I usually get pretty well aligned, it is not perfect and the objects I slew to may not be centered very well in the images.

In the GoTo/ReCal tab instructions it states that you can only use the ReCal option if APCC has the target object in its memory. I will typically do a ReCal as follows:

  1. I have APCC and MaxIm DL connected to the mount (MaxIm via the AP V2 Driver).
  2. After starting everything up and getting everything going, I will slew to a bright star using the catalog and GoTo command in the MaxIm DL Observatory Control window.
  3. After the slew is complete, I take an image and see where the star lies in the image.
  4. I will center the star by using the crosshairs and right click mouse option "point telescope here" command from MaxIm.
  5. After centering the star as described above, I go to the GoTo/Recal tab in APCC and enter the RA and Dec coordinates for the star (Sirius in this case) into the boxes, then click ReCal.
  6. When the confirmation box appears, I click OK.
Is this procedure valid ? 


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