Re: Excessive Slew Warnings in APPM

Roland Christen

We are working on a solution, but like all software changes it will require some extensive testing to get it right. The mount is not the issue, it's the way that the APPM slew warning software works that will need some changes. The mount itself gets there bang on, regardless whether low or high res warning is set. The mount always gets to the same exact point regardless of where the warning is set, or if no warning is set.


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Thanks for all the replies - great support. I did not think anything was drastically wrong as I have good pointing and excellent guiding with my mount. It would seem logical to have "Require High Accuracy Slews" checked especially when modelling for "Dec Arc Tracking" and frequent "Slew Warning" messages seems like something is not optimum. Perhaps a future version of APCC could adjust the threshold according to the mount/encoders being modelled.  "Slew warning" messages would be helpful if something is not optimum.  

Roland Christen

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