Re: CP4 extends wifi AP even if disabled?

On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 10:59 AM, Mike Hanson wrote:
In the mean-time, you can enable the WiFi, but disconnect from all networks, then no Access Point will be advertised.
Ahh... one of those "obvious only when someone points it out" things... essentially a listen-only mode as an unpaired station.

Yes, tried it, no more SSID, and no apparent hidden one either, so I assume the transmitter is off.   Thank you.

I make use of a lot of ESP8266 devices with ESPHome (a platform inside of Home Assistant automation).  These have a last-chance mode, otherwise known as "you screwed up your program and lost the ability to connect to the wifi which loses the ability to fix your program but will give you want last way to connect" fallback AP mode.  That sounds a lot like this, as though it's bringing up a fallback AP mode.  Now that I think about it (since I always want wifi on for those, as they have no wired connector) I am not sure how I would completely turn them off. 

Anyway, thanks again for looking.


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