Nina/APPM Dec Arc modeling not working tonight

Sébastien Doré


This one would be for Ray / Dale I guess.

For an unknown reason tonight I get a "Invalid location for APPM settings file" when inserting the Dec Arc Model in the NINA advance sequencer (Astro-Physics Tool plugin). I have checked the config file exists and is at the configured path (used the plugin with same file successfully yesterday)... It used to work well until now.

I tried reinstalling the plugin, restarting both NINA and APPC/APPM, rebooted the PC but unfortunately I still get the message (and I won't run at execution.)

Can someone please help me pinpoint what I may be doing wrong ?

NINA 2.0 RC002
APCC PRO with license (not the latest I know but recent and it worked fine just yesterday).


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