CP4 extends wifi AP even if disabled?


Last time at a dark site no one was around, so there were no AP's, cell tethers, etc.  Often there are MANY with all the apple-this, and asiair-that. So I was surprised to see the CP4 had opened an access point to which I could connect (well, sort of). 

I have mine hardwired with ethernet, so did not worry, but recalled it and decided to try at home, and sure enough, I'm getting an AP SSID broadcast.  So i logged into the CP4 with a browser and as intended it says "WiFi Disabeld".   But ... it's not. 

I use a real access point on the tripod, and would prefer to minimize interference as well as battery power.  Is there a way to say "Really, yes, really, I want you to disable it"?

And frankly now that I think about it, if it's an open connection with no security, I guess people might do bad things if there were bad actors at a dark site sometime.  Or really bored emotionally immature friends.  So maybe this is more of an issue than just interference.


PS. Oddly if I look in the other option it says the SSID will be GTOCP4-NET-xxxx, but it's broadcasting GTOCP4446952, not sure what that means.  Also, while I can associate and pull an IP (it's an open connection, no security,, it won't respond to a browser.  The browser shown below is via the ethernet port.  

PPS. Running VCP4-P02-11. 

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