Re: AP1100 autoguiding

Mike Dodd

On 5/4/2022 9:03 AM, christopheciel via wrote:

Unfortunately, I only own a Canon 650 DSLR, right now,[...] The astronomical camera will come more later, next winter.
Will try the Lacerta Mgen, and, if not working properly, order a small autoguiding camera such as a zwo asi 120 or 290 mini.
I use an ASI120 as a guide camera, but it also can be a "main" camera on a telescope. It has a small FOV, but plenty large enough to get you started.

You can use a '120 or '290 with PEMPro to do a polar alignment and to create a PE curve. Just attach the camera to your main telescope, then tell PEMPro it is your imaging camera. You will need to download and install the ZWO ASCOM driver so PEMPro can connect to your camera.

--- Mike

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