AP1100 autoguiding


Dear all,

My name is Christophe, from France.

This is my first message here.

My english is not very good, as you will see ; I hope you will understand what I mean.

This forum is a great idea.


I bought a used 1100 GTO a few months ago from a very nice person, who had it in a small observatory.

This precedent owner had a CP3, then he bought a CP4. He never actualized the PEM, so there is none, using only the mount with a PC and an autoguiding camera to image.

After a couple of weeks of use, I still have some issue with the pointing and tracking. I use only the keypad. The pointing is usually 15-20 arcmin off, on any target in the sky, and, last night, I tried to image M101, and saw that the derive is something like 30" per hour on such a target. The max exposure time I could do was 60sec at 1900 mm focal length.

I calibrated the RAPAS as indicated in the rapas notice, and the mount is leveled as perfectly as I could.

Well, I'm now looking for an autoguiding camera in order to enhance the tracking.

I have a old LACERTA MGEN stand alone autoguiding camera.


The out plug of this system is an ST4 or RJ12 male plug. I understand that the autoguiding female plug on the CP4 is a RJ11-6 plug.

Are the RJ11-6 and RJ12 plugs compatible ?

So had some of you ever used a same lacerta mgen system on a 1100 GTO ? Do you think this is possible ?

Or should I avoid to use this camera and buy another on ? I have a limited budget right now, alas.

Thank you so much for any help or advice.


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