Re: APPM Dec Arc Model and NINA "do not sync" option

Roland Christen

As far as I know, doing a sync (recal) does not affect the model. I do recals all the time and it has never affected the model. But Ray Gralack would be the ultimate authority.

Roland Christen

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Subject: [ap-gto] APPM Dec Arc Model and NINA "do not sync" option

I have two question /consideration that I'd like to be validated.

In my former Paramount ME mount a sync issued by a sequencing software like NINA would result in a model corruption.

I assume with my present Mach 2 the situation is different because:
-if using a dec arc model (my case), pointing corrections are not activated
-every sync should be treated as a recalibration, therefore the model is not affected.

So, I'd configure NINA to send sync commands to the mount.

I'd be grateful if someone can confirm.
Thanks a lot

Roland Christen

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