Re: Too Windy to Go Long?

Dean Jacobsen

Hi Terry, thanks for taking a look.

Yes, it was a temporary setup for the night.  The Mach2 on a Losmandy HD tripod.

I just create a small three line mapping run with APPM for that night's target.  In this case NGC 5005 is at +36 declination so I set up the declination spacing at 2 degrees and set the minimum declination at +34 and the max. declination at 38.  APPM will create three dec lines.  For the FSQ I set the RA spacing at 7 degrees.  I always set the Min Altitude at 45 and so I ended up with a map of 49 points which will run in about 1/2 an hour.  That's it.  It works marvelously well with the FSQ at 530 and 360 mm focal length.  For my longer focal length scope - 1000mm - I have been just using more RA points so I might set the RA spacing up at 6 or 5 degrees.

The AP mounts with the absolute encoders and the software are just fantastic to use. 

Good luck!
Dean Jacobsen
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