Too Windy to Go Long?

Dean Jacobsen

This is what happens when the weather forecast says it is going to be breezy overnight:

The original plan was to image NGC 5033 and NGC 5005 last weekend.  Both would have fit nicely in the field of view of my 1000mm fl f/6 Newtonian.  But the National Weather Service said it was going to be breezy.

Time to execute Plan B.  Packed up the short refractor instead and managed to add IC 4182 to the field.  ... and, you guessed it, no wind.

I will try to get a higher resolution shot of NGC 5033 and NGC 5005 again next year.

Imaged with an ASI2600MC Pro OSC camera + an f/5 530mm focal length refractor.   The camera and optics were expertly carried by the Mach2.  69 x 240 second unguided exposures.

Dean Jacobsen
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