Jack Huerkamp

Last night, it was cloudy. So, I set up APPM and connected it to my AP1600 mount.  For the camera option, I selected NASA SkyView so I could see how the procedure works.  It took about 25 minutes for the mount to go to the 36 points.  

Since I am in a manual domed observatory, I will select the "Pause after each Slew" option to ensure that the scope is aimed through the shutter opening before capturing an image.

But for doing my first APPM run, should I choose "Plate Solve" or "Plate Solve and Recal" for acquiring the data for my mount/scope configuration?

Also, I do not own third party applications like Maxim DL, CCDSoft, SGP, etc. and will be using the "NINA camera" option my cameras have native NINA drivers.  In using the "NINA Camera" option, does APPM control the camera thru NINA, take the exposures and call up ASTAP to do the plate solving.

Finally after APPM has run its course and gone to all the points in the APPM routine, does it prompt you to save the acquired data and use it to create a model?  I did not see that occur after running a 36 point APPM yesterday using NASA SkyView option.

Jack Huerkamp

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