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Would a "little MOOSE" be okay to use (as shown below) to tighten those screws :)


On 4/21/2022 11:54 AM, Roland Christen via wrote:

Can I have overtightened the 8x bearing bolts?
You problem appears to have been loose clutches.
Overtightening the 8 screws is not an issue unless you used an 8ft cheater wrench with a Moose pushing on the end.


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I tightened the 8 Dec and Ra bolts. they were pretty tight to begin with.
  • I then tightened the clutch knobs all the way down with an Allen key.
  • The gap on the dec axis no longer opened up and the Dec' plate was parallel  to the axis which is good news.
  • However, making a model (same points as before) showed the error to much worse.

I did change the camera configuration so the balance was off:

  1. I'm not sure if the balance being off caused such a larger error? (will rebalance and try again)
  2. Can I have overtightened the 8x bearing bolts?

Roland Christen

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