On Fri, Apr 22, 2022 at 04:46 PM, Jack Huerkamp wrote:
I found a YouTube video on using NINA with APPM.  The video is relatively old and talks about the use of “NINA 1.11”, the “Utilities for Astro-Physics Mounts” and “Create APPM Model”.
I haven't watched the video but it's not as old as it seems, things have just changed rapidly.  1.11 was the "nightly" versions that predated the 2.0 release candidate now current, but it was fairly similar internally.  The AP Tools name changed, but provided similar routines.

The "Create APPM Model" became "Create All Sky Model" to clearly distinguish an all-sky from dec-arc.   It now does both, but it's the same idea (i.e. there are not two plugins, just that one). 

While the tool can do an all-sky model, it is not a huge benefit to do through NINA.  Where NINA shines is that the Dec-Arc model (which is target specific) can be added to sequences, so you can do a new dec-arc model just before doing a new target, all automated.  Especially in observatories most people do not do all-sky models all that often. 

My personal suggestion is first do a model and make sure it all works in APPM without NINA.  That makes sure that plate solving, etc. is all functioning properly and takes one variable out of the equation.  Once that works, it should be fairly easy to do either model automated. 

A lot more info can be found on Dale's web site:


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