New Videos on the AP YouTube Channel

Karen Christen

Happy Friday Astronuts!

Just a quick announcement to let you know there are 2 new videos on the AP YouTube channel.  Per your request, we’re working hard to provide more instructional videos on a wide range of topics.  The latest editions cover:

  • Setting East Limits for Both Pier Sides in APCC:
    • Review this video to learn how to utilize APCC to start imaging in a counterweight-up position so you can image through the meridian and avoid a meridian flip.
  • How to Adjust the Backstop on Self-Adjusting Gearboxes:
    • This is rarely needed but since we produced the video for a customer we thought we’d make it available to everyone. 

We suggest Subscribing to the channel to be informed of new videos and changes in real time.  We hope you find these helpful.  And a quick shoutout to our team members who are making these videos possible – Dave, Paige, Ray, and Brian! 

Clear skies!

Karen & the Astro-Folks


Karen Christen

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