Re: Help Needed with AP V2 Driver COM Port Settings

M Hambrick

Hi Brian

I usually click the "Now" button in the AP V2 window, which as I understand it does something similar to the Auto-Config, except as a discreet one-time command.

My setup routine is as follows:
  1. Power up the mount (Keypad is set to "external Connection"
  2. Launch APCC
  3. Connect the mount to APCC via the ethernet / IP address.  This is usually very quick.
  4. Click the "Now" button in the AP V2 Driver window. This will usually restart the driver
  5. Connect the AP V2 Driver through the Virtual COM Port
  6. After the AP-V2 Driver is connected I usually open up the Setup Telescope window and click on the Check Port button to make sure that the mount is there.
  7. Power up the cameras
  8. Launch MaxIm DL and connect the cameras
  9. While the cameras are cooling I will open the observatory control window in MaxIm and connect to the mount.

The other night I wanted to try connecting the AP V2 Driver dirrectly to the mount through the ethernet cable instead of through the virtual COM port in APCC. I changed the COM setting in the AP V2 Driver to use the IP address and it worked fine. Now I want to go back to the normal setup described above, but for some reason the AP V2 driver COM settings are "stuck" on the IP address mode and every time I change them back to the APCC virtual COM port they revert back.


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