Re: Laptop Specs for Mount, Imaging, and Processing


Out here on the left coast at the dark sky sites, it tends to get HOT during the day. And COLD at night…. It dips down into the low 40s .. Brrrrrr.

So when I’m at a dark sky site imaging under the Milky Way , it helps to have a separate laptop remote controlling the computer on the mount.

I use MS Remote Desktop. It is available on MacOS (and windows), and also on the iPad and iPhone. Yes I can remote control my imaging computer from my phone… if necessary.


First off there’s no wires to trip over in the middle of the night.

I use a laptop that sips battery and lasts all night long — most of the time the display is dimmed out.

Best of all, when it gets Cold Cold out there, I can take the laptop and stretch out in the back of the Tesla with Camp Mode turned on. It’s a nice 70F in the Tesla All Night Long.

Yes that’s roughing it, but one needs to get the photons.

I don’t use a NUC, but I’m considering a small scope top computer. Maybe a Beelink.

At the moment I’m using a repurposed Mac Mini (headless of course) running Windows10….

The color match with the AP Eagle is quite impressive, don’t you think?


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