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Roland Christen

There is a slowdown ramp in the 1600 mount and the motor does not stop instantly, even at 1200x. If it stops instantly, then there is something wrong with the CP4 software, or perhaps you have a problem with the encoder connection. The slowdown ramp of the 1600 occurs over a few seconds, the motor does not stop instantly. We can easily change the up-down ramp via software, but first you have to be certain that you have a problem. Check again to see if the motor stops instantly.

Roland Christen
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Subject: [ap-gto] Mount slewing acceleration/deceleration profile

I have a Planewave CDK20 on an AP1600GTOAE mount.  The OTA + instruments weigh about 160lbs and the mount is spec'd for 220 lbs, so the payload is well within the capacity of the mount.  But when I slew at 600x from point a to b the motor stops instantly and the OTA rocks in the cradle until settled.  Looking at other mounts with large payloads they use a noticeable acceleration/deceleration slewing profile to prevent this.  I did not see any place in APCC setup to set the ramping profile.  Is this not supported on AP mounts?  For the moment I have changed the slew rate from 600x to 240x (1 deg/sec) which is a bit slow getting around the sky, but it still rocks somewhat when slew is finished.  This has got to be hard on the drive system when this happens.


Roland Christen

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