Re: Laptop Specs for Mount, Imaging, and Processing

Frank Widmann

I use a NUC housed in a waterproof container at the pier. Mine is an industrial quality device that even has real RS232 ports, and I use one to connect to the GTOCP4. All equipment on the mount connects through a RigRunner power distribution unit and a Startech powered USB hub. One power and one USB Cable are routed through the mount, plus one power cable for dew heaters. I can plug any monitor and keyboard/mouse into the NUC and use it as a laptop equivalent but with better controls and displays. However, I normally run the NUC headless and connect using Remote Desktop from my image processing computer in the house. It is also a NUC and has a 27 inch HD monitor connected. It hosts PixInsight and Photoshop. I run the following programs on the NUC every night: APCC and V2 driver, PHD, The Sky X, SGP, NINA, Optec Focus Lynx and AG Optical scope thermal manager. My images are downloaded directly from the NUC at the scope to my Network Attached Storage device and are immediately accessible to my image processing computer. I can also remote desktop into the NUC from my iPad. I personally don’t see much benefit to putting the NUC up with the scope. Most NUCs don’t have quite enough USB ports, and you are exposing your computer to the elements just to use it as a powered USB hub. 

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