Andy Ermolli

Nina has a plug in that automatically creates a model based on some parameters set by the user.
In order for that to work APPM needs to be setup to use NINA as the camera interface. The way APPM talks to NINA and vice versa is through port 59590 which is also the same port that Sequence Generator Pro uses. This is intentional I was told.
For some reason SGP had that port reserved and blocked. This meant that APPM and NINA weren't able to talk to each other.
Once I uninstalled SGP everything worked as it should.

During my troubleshooting I was trying to connect the V2 Ascom Driver to APCC using the REST API instead of virtual ports, assuming that maybe that could have caused the issue. It turns out that wasn't the issue at all and the virtual ports work just fine. In addition to that there's the fact that I happened to have the Mach 1 GTOCP3 setup and that's when I could not find the REST API option when selecting GTOCP3 int the V2 ascom driver.

So it is a bit convoluted but the bottom line is that SGP was blocking the port that APPM and NINA should have used to talk to each other.

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