Andy thanks for looping us back in on the solution

You originally described this as:

>>> Connect the V2 driver to APCC using REST API, when using the gtocp3 controller. 

What the answer sounds like is that NINA was trying to connect via the REST API, is that correct?

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 6:23 PM Andy Ermolli <andyc67@...> wrote:
Ray, problem solved!

There was an issue with the server port used by NINA which it turns out is the same port as Sequence Generator Pro. For some reason SGP had that port blocked even if it wasn't running. I uninstalled SGP and everything works fine now. I suppose I could have dug a bit deeper and tried to keep both programs but since I don't use SGP that was the path of least resistance.


Brian Valente

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