cant connect from APCC, Com port 4 not recognized #APCC #Mach2GTO

Peter Gottstein

My mount was working great till today. I have an eagle 4 on top of it and remote in. I power the mount with a Jackery 1000 using the AP power brick into Jackery. Out of no where I can not connect  thru apcc or even thru SGP to the mount. I get an error says cant connect to com port 4. I have tried the following:

1. Reinstalled APCC Pro, Ascom V2 drivers, ascom platform 6.6 and 3.5 net
2. Reset up the virtual driver's to 21 and 22
3. Check device manager and only shows com port 4. It also says its working properly, /Also looked for conflicts but did not see anything
4. switched usb cable coming  from GTOCP5 to  mount
5. GTOCP5 light status is red (adequate  power).
6.Switched power supply from Jackery to direct plug in to house.
7. Created a new port from comport 4 to Com port 18, but no luck
8. tried to do a usb-serial reinstall of software on GTOCP5 thre 232 connecrion but would not recognise com port 4. This could not reinstall software.

I am stumped. Any ideas would be great.


Peety G

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