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I bought my new mount ap900 gto in a french seller (Optique et
vision,Antibes-Juan les pins in south of france ovision@...).
There is an official seller in france ( and i think that
astrophysics didn't want to sell mounts or scope from them to us without
using official seller.
In france,the price is higher than in USA :-(( but i was afraid to purchase
directly in USA (in fact,i don't know if it is possible from france because
official company Medas like Baader in german)
Other precision,i wait my new AP 900gto more than 9 months between ordering
and receiving the mount (very very long delay).


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Envoy : dimanche 25 juillet 1999 14:19
Objet : [ap-gto] From where? Was: precision of ap900 gto

I just receive my new mount 5 days ago (ap900 gto).I make some try this
and i have some problems with precision pointing.What kind of precision
we expect with that sort of mount.
I have a celestron 8" and the scope and the mount are connect with a
who seems not very good for "orthogonalite".Perhaps the bad precision
Dear Vincent,

From where did you purchase your mount?

I am at the beginning of the runway to order a mount, but I am in
doubt whether I should order it from AP in US or from Baader
Planetarium in Germany.

I don't know if there is added EU toll when the goods goes from US
to Germany, so that the German price is higher, and what (low if
any) toll I need to pay from Germany to Denmark.
(Baader cannot tell me a German price right now because the
mounts are out of stock).

How much toll and tax did you need to pay?

From US to Denmark I have to pay 31% toll and tax.

Maybe it is better to go to US and pick it up myself?

What is your or other European's experience?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards

Niels Foldager

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