How to embed a telescope and camera inside the Mach1?

Nick Iversen

I'd like to embed a QHY guidescope and camera semi-permanently inside a Mach1. That's good for polar alignment because it has better accuracy than, say, the Polemaster and being attached to the mount avoids flexure problems. So I built a tube (see image) which contains the scope and camera. When I put it inside the Mach1 it only goes part way because there is an obstruction.

This is a bit of a pain because I have to disconnect the motor cable to use it. And it sticks out which is a bit ugly and not good for travel. And I have to remove it every setup session to attach the motor cable.

I was wondering if there was a better solution. Maybe someone could design or 3D print a better tube that takes into account the Mach1 internals.

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