Re: Safety Slew and CP3 mounts?

Konstantin von Poschinger


don't worry, the CP3 also handle the safety slew! 



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Am 12.04.2022 um 22:43 schrieb Jeffc <jeffcrilly@...>:

 I was wondering about Safety Slew in the context of CP3 mounts.  
First tho, I had a question: .What is the purpose of the “safety slew”?

When counterweight is “up”, the backend of the OTA is probly in front of the pier.   If the DEC axis were to rotate (as it does when slewing as a result of a “goto”) , the backend of the OTA (eg camera) could crash into the pier.  So the initial part of the slew from a CW up position is RA only movement… then the DEC will slew when the CW is in a “safe range”.  

My next question was if the CP3 w/ V2 chip supports Safety Slew … and sadly it seems it does not.   Good to know (and I’m surprised at myself for missing this detail.)

However… does APCC (or the V2 driver) compensate for the CP3, and implement the Safety Slew logic? 
It seems like it might (but I might need to read the manual a bit more to be sure).

Usually with the AP 1200/CP3-V2 I semi manually slew to objects, and if in a CW UP position, “manually” slew away from the pier first before doing a goto.   

I suppose the CP4 would help here when using the AP keypad, but it would probably also be better when using APCC etc. 

Thx for any clarifications/ corrections.

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