Re: Mount Status in AP V2 ASCOM Driver Does Not Match APCC

M Hambrick

Hi Ray

I will answer a couple of your questions now, and then try to gather all of the other requested information (i.e logs) this evening when I get home from work.

#3 In this particular instance the first command I gave the mount after making the initial connections was from APCC to go to Park 2. Note that I have it set up to start tracking when the connection is made.

#4 In addition to the system applications, I will have the following applications running during every observing / imaging session: MaxIm DL Pro, APCC Pro, AP V2 ASCOM Driver, Microsoft Excel (for my observing notes), Snagit 12 (screen capture software), Deep Sky Planner (only for their red screen). I am not sure it makes any difference, but the laptop is connected to my home wireless network even when I am out in the back yard. However, all of the connections to the cameras and mount are via cables. I am using an ethernet cable to connect the CP4 to my laptop and USB cables to connect the cameras. 

#5 I am running Windows 10, I will have to get the specific details about the latest Windows upgrade when I get home.

#6 My laptop is an ASUS Model Q552U Notebook PC. I purchased it in December, 2015. It has an Intel Core I7 processor. It has 12GB RAM and 940 GB of disc storage. The hard disk still has over 600 GB of available storage. Typically, with all of the applications listed above running the CPU usage averages about 20%, but it will spike up during certain events (like image downloads). Note that in this particular session I was monitoring the laptop memory usage throughout the process of starting up all of the programs and while downloading a couple images in case there was a memory overload going on. At no time did the memory usage exceed about 4.5 GB, an there were no spikes that I could see.

With one exception, all power to the system is coming from two Powerwerx 25 Amp variable voltage power supplies; The mount and one of the cameras coming from one power supply, and the dew heaters and laptop power are running off of the other. My guide camera is an old SBIG ST2000-XM with a multiple voltage power supply. For this camera I use the OEM power supply plugged into a 120 VAC power strip. The negative terminals of both power supplies are jumpered together so that they share a common ground, and the pier is grounded.


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