Re: Using RAPAS for first time - how do I know it is Polaris?

Shailesh Trivedi

Thank you very much for all your insights. The moon  was interfering with my sighting. Two nights ago, I waited until 2am for the moon to go below the horizon and I was able to then get to what I think is Polaris and the reticle LED light of the RAPAs did not drown out the star. Next night alas with the moon brighter, I was only able to issue a GOTO with my keypad to the moon, all other spring galaxies showed up as fuzzy patches. 

I think I have the PA in a god place for now. Once the moon goes down, I will try again. Can a keypad be used to create a pointing model? I seem to recall a thread from Roland that it can, maybe it is in the manual and I will to look.

Thank you again to everyone.


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