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Hi Andrew

NINA works a bit differently, you should check out Dale's page here for details:

you will also need to set your APCC advanced settings to NINA as well


On Mon, Apr 11, 2022 at 7:39 AM Andrew J <andjones132@...> wrote:
Hi. I have started playing around a bit more with N.I.N.A as an alternative to SGP. I keep having too many issues with SGP lately. I was curious if the two methods mentioned in the YouTube video for setting the the Meridian Limits in APCC for SGP are the same settings to use with N.I.N.A?

As I understand it, the two methods are:

1. Simple Meridian Offset: Enable Meridian Limit Tracking, Enable Limit to Meridian, Set Flip Offset to some value like 3, Enable Send Limit with offset to SGP. Leave East/West Limits unchecked. This will send a static meridian limit offset to SGP regardless of the DEC
2. Dynamic Meridian Offset: Same as above, but Disable Limit to Meridian and check the East/West Limits check boxes. This will send a dynamic meridian limit offset to SGP based on the Meridian Limits that have been created and the current DEC of the object being tracked.  

Do these same settings/principals also apply to N.I.N.A or are there sligth variations? Also, I know that under Advanced Settings I need to change the you have to change the Third Party Applications to use NINA rather than SGP. 

Thanks for the info.

Andrew J


Brian Valente

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