Re: Mount Status in AP V2 ASCOM Driver Does Not Match APCC

Ray Gralak

Alt/Az is not a reliable comparison to judge if there is a mismatch because it is constantly changing  when tracking is on. The driver polls APCC only once per second so the driver can be a little behind in Alt/Az position. Another possibility is that refraction may be on in APCC. And in your screenshot the driver is showing the site in red, which means long/lat don’t match what is set in the mount -- and that can affect the alt/az calculation.


Concerning the status, are you observing this directly on the computer or via remote desktop?  The driver polls the tracking/parking status once every 5 seconds so it can take up to 5 seconds to show in the driver, assuming another application is not dominating the CPU.




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Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2022 8:16 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Mount Status in AP V2 ASCOM Driver Does Not Match APCC


Here's one for Ray.

I am on the third round of fighting issues with my 1100GTO mount status not being communicated to MaxIm DL, but last night I encountered an anomaly with the AP V2 ASCOM Driver as well. See the screen shots below the text.

Note that I am running the current software versions and drivers on all of my programs.

I started up the system and connected my mount to APCC and to the AP V2 ASCOM Driver. Then I started up my SBIG cameras and connected them to MaxIm DL. Finally, I connected the mount to MaxIm DL. 

Initially, everything was OK. The mount status in MaxIm, APCC, and the AP V2 ASCOM Driver was consistent across all three. The first command I gave the mount was from APCC to go to Park 2. This is when the mount status in MaxIm went bad, but I also noticed a strange event in the AP V2 ASCOM Driver. The mount went to Park 2, and in APCC, the RA coordinates were continuously changing (as would be expected), but this was not the case in the AP V2 ASCOM Driver. The mount indicated to be parked, but the RA coordinates AP V2 Driver were not changing.

Next, I unparked the mount from APCC and the mount status changed to "Tracking" in APCC, but in the AP V2 Driver it still showed to be parked.

I clicked the Unpark button in the AP V2 Driver, and it updated to show the same RA and DEC coordinates as APCC. after that, everything appeared to be OK with the AP V2 Driver.

So, my question for Ray is whether you think that this failure to show the correct mount status in the AP V2 Driver is related to the problem with the mount status issue in MaxIm ?


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