Windows timezone settings

michael mccann

Every time the time zone changed I had timing issues.  I even built up my latest NUC here in New Mexico and it still defaults to pacific time zone.  It turns out time zone settings are correlated with location settings.  

aside: most of the time your router can correctly locate your computer, so one relies on that protocol that’s built into your internet provider network equipment.  However at my location I’m relying on cell service where cell towers service both NM and AZ.  

So when I tried to change Time to mountain time zone the settings would always return to Pacific time zone, Microsoft home time zone.  So it turns out that I had not set my default location to any where much less SW NM.  By setting windows default location, it allowed the Mountain Time zone to take.

just in case you head out to a remote site and windows seems to be misbehaving.

otherwise everyone 
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